How to Catch Cheating Spouse: Install PC Spy

Way to Catch Cheating Spouse – Install PC Spy

How to Catch Cheating Spouse by installing a PC Spy/Computer Spy

If there is a home computer and your spouse is cheating on you there is at least a fair chance the PC is being used to do part of their cheating related behavior on it. Today the computer is as much a communication device as anything else.

Your cheating spouse may be using the home computer to engage in the initial meeting process such as dating sites or may be used for chat via,

Skype or an instant messaging service like AIM or Yahoo Chat.

If you believe any part of the infidelity may be occurring on a computer install a computer spy program. These programs run totally invisibly in the background and will catch… EVERYTHING YOUR CHEATING SPOUSE DOES on the PC including:

  • screen image captures of every web site visited by your cheating spouse
  • remotely listen to everything going on as the PC’s microphone becomes YOUR spy microphone
  • remotely SEE everything going on in the room using any attached web cam as YOUR spy cam
  • any usernames and passwords your cheating wife or husband enters into web sites like dating sites gets saved for you
  • when your spouse gets on the PC and how long they are on for
  • captures every single word typed no matter where it is typed including instant message and chat conversations

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This type of PC spy program for catching cheating can even be installed by you remotely and you can even control the computer remotely! It is an extremely powerful technology and tool for catch infidelity, very similar to what a phone spy app is to spying on a cheaters cell phone activities and communications.