Three Ways to Make a Man Jealous

Three Ways to Make a Man Jealous

You are long in relationship or happily married together, love fervor waned and the man began to pay you less attention and care.

So, you need to urgently revive your relationship provoking your loved one to jealousy.

There are three proven ways to make a man jealous in the shortest possible time.

  1. Start taking care of yourself If you have not done makeup – start. Sign up for the nearest fitness club. Buy new, fashionable and bright clothes, and most importantly a new set of sexy lingerie. Wear it not in the evening, but in the morning at work. Make sure your man notices it.
  2. Go out with male friends No one forbids you to have fun. Favorite to go fishing or soccer – you in a cafe or at the cottage to his girlfriend. Returning home, buy yourself flowers, and on arrival, do not reveal the secret of which of the fans you gave them.
  3. Be all the time cheerful, cheerful and active He calls to see how you are without it – fine. How nice that it turned out a free evening. No, you do not miss him, you have a lot of interesting things to do, you’re happy. Well, here’s your man and jealous, knowing that he has the most fun and beautiful girl, around which the macho flit with serious intentions. You just can’t leave a girl like that unattended anymore.

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