I Always Tell You That Our Body Is Like an iPhone

I Always Tell You That Our Body Is Like an iPhone

No one doubts that iphone needs to be charged once a day to make it work. Just like closing unnecessary tabs, otherwise they take the energy of the phone for not important at the moment, as cheating– from our marriage.

With the phone is simple, you can just plug it into the socket. But what about the body?

A person’s energy power is the same fuel, a “% charge” whose level needs to be maintained and increased. In general, the body gets its fuel from food, but internal energy is a more complex structure that has many nuances. And it is the inner stimulus that drives us, makes it possible to do what we want and enjoy what is happening.

According to the exact sciences, it is not enough to satisfy only physiological needs for a full and healthy existence. It is necessary to nourish other internal flows. This circumstance distinguishes us from beasts considerably. Strong spirit and energy allow you to achieve any goals. That is why it is important to strengthen and increase your internal level of energy.

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