How to Make Your Husband Jealous

How to Make Your Husband Jealous

Q: Assalamu alaikum.

Though I knew that everything should be for the sake of Allah (and I try not to notice anything, but when I ask who do you love, he says no)

ANSWER: Wa alaikum as-salaam, sister!

1)As the hadith says, of all creatures only a pig is not jealous of its mate. Yes, it is possible to make your husband start being jealous of you with others. But in moderation, so that you don’t cross the line and turn your act into a divorce. Jealous of his wife is not really good, at first you will be flattered and you will be pleased when your husband is jealous of others, but then it can turn into a chronic mental illness and you will get sick of it over time, it may come to the point of divorce. How are you going to make him jealous of you! It is forbidden for a Muslim woman not only to seduce another man, but even to talk and be alone.

So you can ask your girlfriend to call you and when she calls you can go into another room and talk to her quietly, as if you are hiding something from your husband or talking to a man. If your husband asks who called, answer that she is an acquaintance, with that intonation, as if you are hiding the caller from him. Or remember the girlfriend’s number with just one letter and when she calls intrusively in front of her husband, do not answer the phone. If she asks, tell her it’s business. Or ask to call during dinner and leave the phone on the table before the call, so her husband sees only the letter instead of her name, and you go outside. If the husband picks up the phone, let her be quiet, etc., etc. There are many options….

2)If your husband is still not over his ex, then do your best to be better than her and to love you more. Observe yourself from the outside, change your character, reconsider your behavior, buy sexy lingerie, be affectionate, work on your appearance and hairstyle, change yourself…. Everything is in your hands. Women are resourceful and cunning in this respect. Turn on your brain and fantasy, go ahead.