Different Interests in Marriage: Problem Or Possibility?

Different Interests in Marriage: Problem Or Possibility?

Distinctions and contradictions in marriage – that frequently attracts us to each other: to be with someone, who too on us alike and in everything with us agree, boring. But what to do, if are interests of partner not simply excellent, and diametrically opposite to our?

How to save an union, if are there small general themes?

At the beginning of relations any feature of partner seems attractive, unusual. But as far as getting used to each other much of that delighted before, begins to irritate. It belongs and to distinctions in character, world view, attitude toward life, interests and hobby. We estimate other on own measurements and compare to itself. And, we aim to cut again under itself.

How to be drawn together through distinctions

Distinctions are not frightful to those, who feels itself with a partner by single unit. General aim, joint business, dream – whatever can unite, and it becomes foundation on that even absolutely different people build happy and saturated life.

Find that unites, think of common cause, and an unlikeness no longer will act part.

What more distinctions, that we more interesting to each other. you have unlimited possibilities, to surprise a partner and bring in a variety in life together. Moreover: even if you are sure that between you there is nothing in common, not fact, that it really so. Try a simple reception that will convince you of reverse. Make a list of employments that carry away you, ask a partner to do the same, exchange written. Practice shows that almost in every pair there are unexpected points contiguities that allow to the people newly to give a glance on the union.

Here yet a few ways of reapprochement.


Different preferences, fantasies and techniques, allow to improve intimate life. Gladness from that give pleasure to the partner, draws together.

Confidence commonunication.

It is important during a day to talk on the most different themes, not only about domestic little things and duties but also that worries you, causes interest. Discussing dreams, plans, music, films, you will be able to realize, as far as personality of partner is many-sided, and to open him for itself again.

Haptic contact.

If partners hug often, attachment is saved longer. Kisses, cuddles and touches, are unverbal signals that a partner is unindifferent you.

Conversation in language of love of partner.

Does a partner talk in love languages? That for him more important is praise and gratitude, time conducted with you, gifts, help or touches? The languages of love of the married couples coincide not always.


Try to save romanticism in relations as possible longer. For this purpose lead habit to invite each other on appointments, organizing anything unusual on the taste. A difference in approaches will allow to diversify relations.

When are distinctions ruinous for relations?

An union has the future, if partners mutually enrich and complement each other in marriage. But in a number of cases distinctions carry a danger.

  1. Conservative vital scenario

If one spouse requires an unreserved submission, and second are respects of the personal space, not to avoid a conflict. As a rule, despotic partners are not inclined to acknowledge the defects and change the line of behavior, therefore second remains either to submit or go away.

  1. Non-acceptance of differences

Partners must do the identical amount of steps to meet each other. If on a compromise goes only one of the married couples, an union is distant from safe.

  1. Dependence on opinion of surrounding

Your relations touch you two only. If on that, how you perceive a partner, opinion of surrounding influences, it is important maximally away from them to keep, at least, until will not be in forces to protect marriage and point of view.

Difference in interests not sentence. Opposite, at correct approach she allows to do relations more saturated and various. Mainly, to observe balance, not overbalance a blanket on itself and care of that both was a comfort.